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26/02/2016 16:25

Letter 40

21/02/2016 22:01
20thFebruary 2016Dear Catherine,Just reading my last letter, I am a bit surprised that it has been so long since Ilast wrote.  It's amazing how quicklytime seems to pass - I'm sure you must find that happens sometimes.  Life moves on and I can hardly believe I retiredfrom work 7 months...

Letter 39

06/12/2015 09:32
        6th December 2015 Dear Catherine, I am sitting in a study in Mark’s house in a suburb of Melbourne writing this on my laptop, wondering how you are and what you are doing.  That is as much as I can do with all avenues to you closed to me, as if...

Letter 38

06/11/2015 19:27
6th November 2015 Dear Catherine, Another month has gone by and we are well into Autumn.  I like this time of year, mainly because of the colour of the trees, with the displays of yellows, browns & reds, but it doesn’t last too long.  After this is my least favourite time of the year...

Letter 37

08/10/2015 14:28
8th October 2015 Dear Catherine, It doesn’t seem like 3 months since I wrote to you, because you always exist somewhere in my mind.  It is difficult to express accurately how intense my memory of you is.  You pop up instantly I see a young girl holding hands with her dad, like you used do...

Letter 36

22/07/2015 13:12
22nd July 2015 Dear Catherine, I suppose everybody must think I am crazy writing to you, knowing that you are not going to read this, in fact you may never read it.  It is just for me to release some of my thoughts about you into letter form as there is no other way I can express these...

Letter 35

23/06/2015 14:37
Dear Catherine, The weeks seem to have speeded up.  I don’t know where the last 5 or 6 weeks have gone and now I am in the last week of my formal working life.  Everybody keeps asking me if I am excited or looking forward to it, but really it does nothing for me.  It feels as if my...

Letter 34

12/05/2015 14:36
12th May 2015 Dear Catherine, Last weekend on Saturday was my birthday – it is a bit scary how quickly they seem to come around.  But I had an eventful and enjoyable weekend and even had last Thursday & Friday off work.  On Thursday I did canvassing for the Labour Party, as I am a...

Letter 33

10/04/2015 13:57
10th April 2015 Dear Catherine, Yes, I did see the photo you put on Facebook recently, you haven’t dated it, so I only know it must have appeared in the last few weeks.  It is nice to see you by yourself.  I like that you are looking directly at the camera, not in a cheeky or evasive way...

Letter 32

25/03/2015 15:03
25th March 2015 Dear Catherine, I was so happy you changed your profile picture on Facebook last week, as it has been the same for over 4 months.  I thought maybe you had given up on Facebook and you slipped completely out of my field of vision.  In this image you look attractive and...