Letter 5

2 July 2009


Dear D,

How are you this week?  I wonder if you get my letters – I hope so as I would like you to know how I am keeping.  I miss everything to do with home, particularly you, but also my garden, I wonder who is looking after it or are all the weeds growing there and the slugs and snails having a great time.  What about my paellas, I would love to do one?  And barbeques and table tennis.  I hope you do some table tennis.

I haven’t got so much news.  It has been very hot & humid over the last few days; it is difficult to sleep and it is very uncomfortable at work and on the tube.  What is it like at school?  I am still working hard and quite long hours and pray I will keep my job, so far so good and the longer it goes on the less chance I will lose my job.

I dreamt about you the other night.  I was telling you a story about Lennie the Lobster.  He had an argument with his dad and ran away from home.  His dad went to look for him but couldn’t find him.  He went further and further away from his home and got a bit lost himself.  In the meantime, Lennie got fed up and went home as he was hungry and tired.  The dad came across the lobster pot and as he felt hungry too, he had a look inside and reached through for the tasty morsel inside.  When he was finished, he tried to get out but realised he was trapped.  Then, to his dread he felt the lobster pot rising and didn’t know what to do – he wasn’t as quick and clever as Lennie.  I woke up or lost the dream then and wondered what happened.  Perhaps you can finish the story. 

I am off to see my brother this evening.  He hasn’t been well recently so I pray he will be ok.  Do you think you could drop him a drawing or a note – I am sure he would love to hear from his niece.

Don’t forget that I love you always.  I enclose £10.00 as a contribution for your pocket money.  I really hope you get it and find it useful.  If you would like anything else please let me know.  I am looking after myself (as I hope you are).  I shave most days, but I must admit some days I don’t.  Again, as always, I would love to hear from you and will wait forever.

 Lots of love,



Dad  xxx                              (in my temporary home)