Letter 34

12/05/2015 14:36

12th May 2015

Dear Catherine,

Last weekend on Saturday was my birthday – it is a bit scary how quickly they seem to come around.  But I had an eventful and enjoyable weekend and even had last Thursday & Friday off work.  On Thursday I did canvassing for the Labour Party, as I am a member of the local ward.  It started at 8.00 in the morning at the local headquarters for the day, which is walking distance from my flat and is run by an interesting lady, age 80 years old and with great energy and enthusiasm.  She sent me out to deliver leaflets with a local councillor until 10.00 when we returned for a cup of tea and then out again to  knock up known supporters and possibles, to rouse them to ensure they vote and to record their voting intention, if they are prepared to tell us.  It was quite tiring, on my feet all day, but mostly positive, although there were a small number of negatives.  I knocked up one lady, who said she is not feeling too good, but I chat to her for a moment saying how important it is to cast a vote.  Later in the evening she sees me, smiles and waves her ballot paper to say she has been to vote.  There is another young woman who came to the door and told me to be quiet and not wake her baby, when I knocked on her door.  I whispered encouragement to her to vote and to vote Labour of course.  She smiled as she closes the door.  Later in the polling station, she sees me and attracts my attention, conforming she is about to cast her vote and says, with a smile, that I did not wake her baby.  These were among the rewarding moments of the day.  The sitting MP was standing again and called to thank me for my efforts.  We discover next day he has been re-elected with an increased majority, so our efforts have not been in vain.

I went to see Miss Saigon on Friday evening with my sister who is visiting from Majorca and Zara your step sister.  It was a good show and I am sure you would enjoy it.  We all went to the Sony Photography Awards in Somerset House on Saturday morning and had a celebratory party and drink with Gregor, you will remember your first cousin, who now lives in East London, in the afternoon & evening.  So I had a good celebration of my birthday. 

You must be studying hard for you’re A-Levels at the moment.  I think exams go right through from about now to the end of June, so I really hope you are on top of things.  Remembering when I was doing the same, I never minded doing exams, but could only study fully for the subjects I really liked; so I was a bit negligent in that respect.    I would love to know what subjects you are taking, like I said before I could only hazard a guess they would be more Arts related, but I am sure you have chosen wisely.  I pray you will achieve the results you are looking for, and get the university you want to go to. 

I’ve got to get back to work, so I will sign off for now.  I suppose one would think I am crazy writing to you, knowing you are not going to receive and read it.  It just helps me to feel a little closer to you.

        With all my love for now,           


dad  xxx                                                                           at work