Letter 75


5 Nov 2023 (at home}

Dear D,

I have come to another crossroads in my journey to re-connect with you.  I’ve been writing letters to you for fourteen years, but I haven’t heard from you.  I do not have mementos of you in view around my flat although I do have photos of you and images and drawings you did which I saved on my pc.  Actually, the pc is one I acquired only a year or two before we parted and you would have spent time on it.  When I open it, as I do occasionally, to do some work, I can see your icon, which is password controlled and next to it my icon, which you made for me, of our dog at the time.  Some of the sites I use have passwords with a combination of your name, date of birth or something associated with you.  So, your presence is locked in there somewhere.  The dilemma now is what to do with all these letters.  So, I have decided to put all written to date in a safe place where they will all be available for you to read if you would like at any day in the future.  And I will continue to write to you.


With all my love,


Dad xxx