Letter 30

20/02/2015 14:18

20th February 2015

Dear Catherine,

This is just a brief letter, as you have been on my mind a lot recently.  I do check on your Facebook account every now and again, but I am sorry to see you haven’t changed your profile since early last November.  I suppose you have outgrown it and now use other social media compatible with your friends and age group. 

I sent you a Valentine’s Day card to your mother’s address to arrive on 14th February.  I actually sent you one every yearsince we separated until 2012, but missed out the last two years as I did not have a clue where you live.  Even now I don’t know where you live, but I guess you live with your mother.  I asked a neighbour to write the address so my writing wouldn’t be recognised and inside I wrote in capitals all jumbled up ‘Don’t forget I will always love you’.  First I wonder if you received the card, I hope it wasn’t confiscated before it reached you!  And then I wonder if you bothered to decipher the message.  Lastly I wondered if you did manage to interpret the jumbled letters, did you imagine it might be from me.  I suppose I also wondered what you did if you did decipher it.  Did you chuck it in the bin?  Or did you actually appreciate the message?  I may never find out, so I thought I had better write to you somewhere out there, hopefully to be retrieved when you wish, to let you know my thoughts.  I will never forget you and will always love you.

With all my love for now,

dad xxx                                                                                                                                                                                at work