01/10/2012 21:18

14 August 2009


Dear Catherine,

I went over to see John again last weekend.  He is doing well and asks after you.  Fiona also sends you her love.   Remember those holidays to Ireland, down to Wexford and on the bus in Dublin’s fair city. 

I will make this letter short as I’m sure you have too many other things to do.  I suppose the Lennie story is a bit silly, but I really did dream about it, I have dreamt about you a few times, and story writing is creative.  Like you are creative and clever, so maybe you can imagine some episodes for his story.  I had about 4 or 5 ready and could probably have added a few more, but I should keep them to myself for a while. 

It seems a bit of a shame that you do not let me know your thoughts, as how can I ever improve if you don’t tell me what is wrong.  Up to February, I had known you for 11 years and 9 months and got on well with you I thought, did quite a few things with you, was never bad to you, like I never tried to poke you in the eye or something bad and all of a sudden the lights go out.  As I will always tell you, I will respect your decision and if that is what you want, so be it. However, if you want one ‘used’ dad back, just let me know, I will love you as much as I ever did.  You mentioned the word ‘nightmare’ which keeps coming into my mind and I wish you did not have a nightmare.  I really would like to make it up to you but I think you might be able to do something as well.  Like be yourself, a happy intelligent, creative, resourceful individual who can do well in your life, if you want.  I will be proud of you whatever you do, but particularly proud when you do well.  Like at the Royal Albert Hall, or when you helped me decorate your room and lots of different projects and homework and school trips.  You are responsible for your life and I would only want to help you. 

I will sign off now, hoping you are well and remind you that I love you always,

Lots of love,




xxx                                                                            17 Harley Road, Harrow HA1 4XF