01/10/2012 20:57


22nd March 2009

Dear Catherine,

I hope you are comfortable at home and are getting on well at school.  I am very sorry I am not there with you as before to do all the things we used to do well together.  I know that as you are getting older, you will not like to do many of those things anyway, but I do miss being with you at home and I am sure you must miss me sometimes.

 The way your mum and I have been separated has not been easy for you.  I am sorry mum & I could not have found a more suitable and amicable way to separate.  I know, in hindsight it could have been managed in a much easier way, but I would like you to know that I do not hold you in any way responsible for what happened.  It is entirely down to the two of us.

I would like to see you again as soon as you would like to do so as I miss your cheerful presence.  I would like you to know that I always loved you and I always will.  So any time you wish to speak to me or see me you are welcome to do so.

Lots of love