Letter 31

26/02/2015 14:14

26th February 2015

Dear Catherine,

This will be another brief letter I think as I have left it late to start.  We had a party here in the office to announce our new premises to clients and others on Tuesday evening.  Zara came and was great company, happily chatting to anyone who came to talk to me.  I would love you to meet Zara; I know you would get on very well with her, but I would also have loved if you could have attended the party as well.  I have been discussing my future with my boss recently and it looks like I will know my retirement date soon.  I am hoping it will be between this June and Christmas, the longer the better, but I have a feeling it might be earlier.  Considering I am almost 4 years past my retirement date, I haven’t done badly.

Someone told me they believe you attend a school in Garston, one I had never heard of, but looking on their website, it looks like an excellent school.  I hope and pray you are getting on well with your a level studies, with the exams coming up in just 3 months.  Again I don’t know which subjects you are taking, or which university you would like to attend, or even the subject.  You used say you would like to do architecture, which I am sure you would enjoy and be good at.  It can be a quite inspirational profession, keeping your interest & passion through your working life.  I started university when I was 17 years old, as I skipped a year at secondary school and was by far the youngest student through my studies.  I was too young really, I realise in retrospect, but I have to say, I have enjoyed the journey right through to almost the end of my working life.   I really hope you will be so fortunate.

If I could communicate with you I would wish you well and all the very best in your studies, sad that I can not be of any assistance.  I imagine you are managing quite well anyway, but if I had the chance, I would offer is to support you in whatever way you would want.  But that is just a dream.

With all my love for now,                                                  

dad  xxx                                                                           at work