Letter 21

20/05/2014 13:57


20th May 2014

Dear Catherine,

I just read my last letter and I am a bit disgusted with myself, giving bad vibes because I must have been in bad form, probably mostly to do with the problem at work.  The problem is still there, although we have made some progress, but the positive result for me is that my boss is giving me full support, at the moment anyhow and I am not being blamed for the problem.  That has raised my spirits a lot, so although I was feeling really bad about it, now I can just get on with trying to sort it out.

I am really happy with my flat now, not having had my own place for four and a half years, I was almost getting used to not being able to entertain friends at home.  At the weekend a chap from up the road in Northwick Avenue and his wife invited me out for a pizza, which he told me would be the best pizza I ever tasted, in Rayner’s Lane.  It’s called Silver Dollar and I must say it was different from Pizza Hut and places like that, it was better and it was really worth the effort of going there.  It was nice of them to keep in contact and to invite me out.  I have been to their house before in the last year or so a few times and Apu cooks strict vegetarian food which I really like; so she said next time she would cook for me.  Anyway they came back to the flat for a glass of wine and to have a look around.  I would love if you could just see it too. 

I’m travelling over to Dublin this weekend to stay with Fiona for 4 days, taking off Thursday 7 Friday and Monday is a bank holiday.  You must remember Fiona, John’s wife from Scotland.  On Saturday night I will attend my secondary school reunion.  One of the classmates is very enthusiastic to keep in contact and arranges it every year in a lovely hotel not far from where the school was, and still is!  I love to have a catch up with all my old friends.  I wonder will you be doing that in 50 years time? I will be seeing Gregor, Gavin & Rory as well and I remember you used like your cousins a lot.

It’s lunchtime at work and I must get back to work.  Remember you used come in here sometimes.  I really wish you still did sometimes.  We could go for a meal first and then to the theatre or opera – I wish, but you never know what the future holds.  I pray every day for us to be reconciled so that we can carry on being just you & your dad.

With all my love for now,


dad  xxx                                                                           at work