14/09/2012 00:00

Diary entry 23-03-2006.

We get up reasonably peacefully and were having breakfast. Catherine was dragging her feet as she was still a bit ‘under the weather’.  S was nearby and asked C to get on with it and she slapped out at her in passing by, but not in an aggressive way.  S told C not to do that.  I looked up & caught Catherine’s eye, but did not say anything.  After a few seconds C said that I had smiled.  S went into one again and complained that I should have given out to C for her action and went on at me about this in front of C, ignoring her original action.  Afterwards C would not kiss me or hug me before I left for work.  It was the same in the evening, no hug or kiss.  Why had I not given out to her?  I said I had my mouth full of porridge, had clearly not approved and anyway said she was old enough to know that what she had done was wrong.  ( I also believed that it was not serious to warrant further advertisement of the bad behaviour and that S was competent to do it on her own). I put C to bed in the evening having collected her from Greek school.  I was hoping for a kiss or hug but no chance.  She put her head under the blanket.  I said ok, put out 2 fingers if you love me and one if you don’t.  She put out one!  I playfully tried to make it two.  She playfully said wait I will show you what it is for ever and ever, and she put out two fingers again.  I know she loves me, but I feel S & my arguments are affecting her.  I am sure they are putting her under stress which will affect her eventually.  I know that I do not make the arguments and I try to avoid them.  S does not believe there is anything wrong with her behaviour.