a letter about a guardian angel

01/10/2012 21:29



Hi Lorna,

I've just read your book, as has my sister Marie and we found it very inspiring.  Our mother, who died in 1990, taught a prayer which I have never heard since: O Angel of God, my guardian dear, for whom God's love commits you here, Ever this day be at my side, To light and guard, To rule and guide, amen. I hope I remembered it correctly, I always associate it with mammy and I always kind of believed we had a guardian angel.

I am 64 years old and am alienated from my 13 year old daughter Catherine.  I haven't seen her since Feb 2009.  Her mum accused me of being abusive to her and I gave an undertaking to the court to leave our home.  Catherine then wrote to the judge to say she did not want to ever see me again and she maintains that view.  She is my youngest daughter, I always loved her and never intentionally harmed her in any way.  I watched a young girl make her First Communion in Palma, Majorca, yesterday and tears came to my eyes at the beauty of the young girl's innocence and my regret at Catherine's loss of a relationship with me.  I pray that Catherine's will be reconciled to me without any damage to her and that she will grow in confidence and love.  I feel selfish to ask you to help.


With much love,