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  • Having previously published all my letters, except the first which was hand written, I have left the following letters on this site: no 5 from 2009, 9 from 2012, 16 from 2013, 27 from 2014, 39 from 2015, 44 from 2016, 49 from 2017, 50 from 2018, 55 from 2019, 61 from 2020, 69 from 2021, and 72 from 2022. 
  • On 4th January 2023 I added letter 73
  • On 29th May I removed letters 16, 39, 49, 55 & 69
  • On 27th September 2023 I added letter 74.  I also removed letter 73 as decision in paragraph two changed.
  • On 11th November 2023 I removed letter 74 and added letter 75  
  • On 23rd November 2023 I removed all letters up to number 75
  • On 16th February 2024, I added letter no 76
  • 13th March 2024, amended comments shown in bold.


The intention of this website was always to record my thoughts and feelings for my youngest daughter.  She disappeared from my life just short of her twelfth birthday in February 2009 with the breakup of her parents’ marriage.  She was caught up in the conflict and decided, possibly given little choice, to stay with her mother and break off contact with her dad.  It was a difficult decision to have to make, more so because she had to do it at such a young age.  She has missed the support of two half-brothers and two half-sisters, me and my family & friends as a result of the split.  I think about her every day, sad that she is no longer in touch with me, but also hoping and praying she will want to re-establish contact with me again.  As time goes by, I feel the chances of ever seeing her again diminish.  The loss is two ways, but I feel the effects on her are more deep reaching than the effects on me, deep and continuous as they are.  

I consulted experts in the field of parental alienation to gather opinions about the chances of re-establishing a relationship with my daughter.  In their opinion, by precedent, the prospects are not good; it largely depends on her deciding she would like to make contact, perhaps with someone she respects suggesting to her that she should try to make contact as she has nothing to lose.  I can only pray that she will uncover in her heart the desire & need to look for and find me.

Soon after our separation, I started writing letters to her, feeling it would not be long before we would continue our relatttionship.  But as Court hearings continued, it became clear that I would have to be patient.  I thought then, that I would be prepared to write up to 50 letters, still feeling that sooner or later we would be reunited.  As I have gone well beyond that point now, I have decided to publish a book with some context and all letters up to number 76, so that I can ensure these letters are available for my daughter to read if she ever wants, to let her know what her dad thought about her during our separation.  This book may also be helpful to anyone else who is separated in this way from their child or parent.  I may advertise the book on this platform in the future, if there is anyone who would be interested.




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